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Thailand enjoyed improved export performance H1 21


It is now clearer why Thailand decided to start its own carrier In a statement, the Thai National Shippers‘ Council (TNSC) expects the nation’s exports to rise above 7 per cent in Q3 21 from a year earlier and 6 per cent in the Q4 21 – supported by higher global demand and …

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Under-utilised mega vessels attributed to past smooth voyages


Mega box ships having mishaps are now blamed for their full loads The recent string of maritime mishaps resulting in loss shipments are now attributed to not vessels being overloaded. It is instead “fully-loaded”. Weather conditions and human error are just accessories to the saga. An unsettling hypothesis Ever since …

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Newbuildings, boxes, vaccines and people


China is certainly becoming a maritime heavyweight Anyone who used to belittle China’s coming would have to concede now. It can build, manufacture, inoculate and deploy. Matter of time, world trade becomes contingent on the republic. Rather, the question is ‘how soon?’ Its grand entrance Manufacturers who earlier gave up …

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