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ABB Marine & Ports opens new lab to stress-test cyber threats

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Repost: ABB Marine & Ports said its new laboratory can offer cyber security support for shipping companies at all stages of digitalisation and has the flexibility to meet various levels of cyber security requirements for cyber threats.

“Cyber security is not a product but an evolving target which needs constant monitoring, managing and updating,” said Ahmed Hassan, Head of Cyber Security, ABB Marine & Ports.

“As a single vendor offering operating technology (OT) and cyber security, we recognise that managing cyber security is a careful balance between risk, functionality and cost. The principles of cyber security must apply across all maritime stakeholders, from designers and builders, to owners, operators and crew; and from classification societies to universities and research bodies, government departments and insurers,” he said.

In line with the guidelines set out by the IMO, the new laboratory features hardware and software systems developed to help shipowners and operators combat the maritime industry’s growing cyber security risks.

With the rise of smarter, more connected systems, IMO is urging all shipping companies to demonstrate that cyber threats have been part of every vessel’s Safety Management Systems (SMS) risk assessment from 2021 onwards. According to IMO’s guidelines on maritime risk management, “ships with complex cyber-related systems may require a greater level of care and should seek additional resources through reputable industry and government partners.”



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