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An obvious solution for cargo owners

There is a ready yet ignored solution, and shipowners’ fear of competition seems to be the cause

Cargo owners today are deprived of available carriers – a byproduct of tunnel vision. If only they looked beyond the known carriers, or not having a prejudiced view against smaller carriers, they would not be in this difficult situation.

China has a solution for congestion
Analysts from project44 highlighted substantial increase in vessel and shipment delay times across most major trade lanes connecting China to the rest of the world. Unkind weather conditions and pandemic-induced congestions resulted in almost every cargo owner panicking about pressing deadlines and equipment shortage. However, is it really a problem without a solution at hand?

The analysts added while selected China-US West Coast routes schedules improved significantly the past months, data gathered by project44 revealed delays remain high (along critical routes) or even rising with the current outbreak in Southwestern China.

It further showed on routes between China and US non-West Coast ports, where ship delays increased to an average of 2.44 days in July 2021 compared to 0.6 days in the same month a year earlier. It is similar for China – EU traffic; with average of 0.51 days in July 2020 to 2.18 days in July 2021. However, on high volume port pairs delays are much higher. Shipments on Shanghai-Hamburg and Shenzhen-Hamburg are seeing delays of 8.44 and 7.86 days, respectively.

Short sea shipping
Josh Brazil, Vice-President for Marketing at project44 commented: “We are seeing a lot of variation in delay times between months, and routes such as US West Coast versus East Coast ports, making supply chains particularly challenging for shippers to manage. These latest numbers along with COVID-19 variant outbreaks are a warning to shippers that they would not be able to mitigate losses associated with delays and bottlenecks, unless they have a complete and real-time view of vessel delays, ports, and carrier performances.”

Another industry expert noted a thinking out of the box solution is needed to get cargo from vessels to stores. Putting it bluntly, it is not the case as some asinine industry players painted it. Short sea shipping was already available – albeit snuffed by heavyweights. Marine Online is the perfect platform designated to help cargo owners mitigate losses associated with delays and bottlenecks. It has real-time data about vessels, voyage timelines including port locations. To answer the “thinking-out-of-the-box” question, all cargo and ship owners are already out of the box. It is instead time to act outside of the box!


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