Authorized Service Provider

The ASP program aims to reduce costs and deliver quality service through standardization of services. Together with GSA, our suppliers can increase their order books and receive cash on delivery for their services.

Authorized Service Provider

The Authorised Service Provider (ASP) consolidate procurement requirements for Global Shipowner Alliance (GSA) of more than 400 shipowners. Exclusive service providers are selected by us to ensure services delivered are of the highest quality at major ports.

Key Benefits

Push Orders

From over 400 shipowners, we will push orders and business opportunities.

Simplified Business Process

All our service providers will be paid by Marine Online, cash on delivery. 

Payment Guarantee

Manage quotation, payment, and settlement in an integrated platform. 

Service Categories


Port Agency


Ship Supplies


Marine Insurance


Ship for Sale

Marine Services

Eligibility Criteria

Legally registered company which can fulfil Marine Online’s operational scope and merits of service.

Minimum three years track record of providing port-related services.

Scope of exclusive rates and VIP services to alliance members

Comply with unified Standard of Service (SoS)

Application Process


Submission of form and documents.


Marine Online will assess and review within 3 to 5 business days.


Sign and accept the ASP Agreement to begin securing orders.

Order Management

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

No need. You may make the most out of these cost savings to benefit the shipowners.

The platform will pay you directly upon the expiry of the billing period. Should there be any default of payment by the shipowners, rest assured that you will still receive your payment from the platform. Hence, you are required to direct your invoice to the platform. The platform shall be responsible for the risk control and compliance of the shipowners.

Yes. You are required to submit detailed information about your products or services. The submission includes your product images, product specifications, detailed description, the terms and conditions, and your best available service rate for shipowners to view and learn more about your products, leading to a new purchase order or inquiry. Transparency and high efficiency are the greatest merits of our platform compared to the traditional model.

Do not worry. We have two different measures to protect the confidentiality of your service rates and pricing. Firstly, only general information about your products or services are viewable on the front-end by your industry friends or customers, without your company name made visible. Secondly, the service rates displayed are the retail market price. The preferential pricing and rates that you had provided to the platform would only be shared with genuine shipowners who enquire or place an order for purchase.

The platform has three service providers under each service category at each port. In order to provide shipowners with more choices and better service quality, the platform will only select the best match to undertake the purchase orders. If your order acceptance rate is not high, you may need to reduce your pricing further or improve your service quality to achieve new purchase orders.

We will re-evaluate the volume of orders and service quality of the “Authorized Service Providers” for each service category on an annual basis to further enhance the overall Standard of Service (SoS) at the port.

In a strategic move to reduce intermediary for further cost reduction and enhance the Standard of Services (SoS), an authorization will only be granted to main suppliers who can provide direct services for each service category at a port. If your company fulfills the requirements of being the main supplier of various ports or several service categories, you are welcome to join us.

As we strive to grow strength to strength with our dedicated partners, the platform will only authorize up to three service providers at each port to centralise procurement. If the vacancy for the “Authorized Service Provider” has been filled, you are still eligible to become a “Third Party Service Provider” for the platform. This includes priority access and opportunities to showcase your product and services to potential buyers. However, you have to be responsible for the financial liability and risk control involved in the transaction. If your service delivery is positive and shipowners feedback on your service is commendable, you will have an opportunity to join us as our authorized service provider the following year.