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Bunker price was reduced by 5% with Marine Online’s Bunkering Group Buy

14 May 2020 – The growing maritime e-commerce platform, Marine Online based in Singapore, has organized a “Bunkering Group Buy” campaign for shipowners that aim to reduce bunkering cost, up to 5%. Bunker price was reduced by 5% with Marine Online’s Bunkering Group Buy In light of the Covid-19 situation that has affected businesses all over the world, Marine Online’s CEO, Mr. Yang Ling has announced that this activity, which is normally only available to Global Shipowner Alliance members (a shipping alliance formed by Marine Online), is now available to the public. This activity is one of the many benefits recently made available for shipping companies to help them to reduce their operating costs. Business Development General Manager of Marine Online, Mr. Benjamin Cheng recently commented that this collaboration will bring more benefits to the shipowners, especially the smaller shipowners. He added: “Smaller shipowners owning lesser than 10 vessels normally do not have big bargaining power over bunker suppliers, considering that their vessels travel around and do not call for bunker at a fixed port or supplier. With the group buy, shipowners can enjoy better discounts through consolidating volume with other shipowners.” Explaining the process of joining the bunkering group buy, he added: “Shipowners provide us their estimated bunker volume and delivery date, after which Marine Online will share with them the bunker price based on the details that they have provided. Only then, shipowners can decide if they want to accept the deal.” On the CEO’s recent announcement of opening this benefit to the public, Mr. Cheng said: “We understand the struggle that every business is going through at the moment. Many corporations have come out to assist their clients to reduce their burdens by giving big discounts to their services or even offering free additional services for example. We, at Marine Online, want to play our part in contributing to society as well. At the present moment, we are looking to extend this benefit to the public until 31st July and may even consider extending it to a further date.” This ongoing campaign is currently available for Singapore, Hong Kong, and Zhoushan ports. Click on the banner below to find out more about Bunkering Group Buy bunkering group buy

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