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Introducing Cash to Master (CTM) Service: Simplifying a Traditional Practice

Singapore, 21st October 2019 – Marine Online announces the launch of Cash to Master (CTM) services to the shipping industry. The CTM service is available to all shipowners or ship management companies when the vessel calls to Singapore, at a flat fee of US$198 only. Introducing Cash to Master (CTM) Service Marine Online is determined to provide all shipowners or ship management companies with a simplified and convenient method of engaging such traditional shipping service. In less than 90 seconds, shipowners or ship management companies may easily submit their CTM order on Marine Online website and remit the CTM amount with the service fee. According to Marine Online Chief Operating Officer – Mr Tiger Cai, there are no extra or hidden charges for CTM services offered, just a flat fee of US$198 only. Whether if the delivery is conducted after office hours, weekends, eve of public holidays or public holidays. It also includes boat charges should the vessel located in the anchorage or berth area. Upon receiving the order and remittance fund, Marine Online will be able to arrange CTM delivery given 2 working days before the vessel’s arrival. Marine Online’s experienced port agency division handles the whole CTM operation and has full control of security, bringing assurance to our valuable customers. As reported, CTM is usually carried out by the appointed port agent, who charges ~USD$100 service fee and 1.25% handling fee of the CTM amount. Henceforth with CTM amount of US$30K, the total cost for CTM service is US$475, which is 2.4 times more expensive. Shipowners or vessel masters can take the opportunity to order ship supplies and provisions from Marine Online, which offers an extensive range of products at competitive prices and additional perks. In collaboration with Sim4Crew, Marine Online will offer free SIM cards to all crew members with purchases of any ship supplies or provision orders. Cash to Master is currently available in Singapore and vessels entering Singapore territorial water. Services extending to other countries will be available soon. Apply now! Please click here for more information.

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