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Yantian’s reopening one berth will not ease congestions


Big players expect the congestion to persist despite resumption of one berth Resuming operations at one berth should have improved operational capacity. On the contrary, shipping heavyweights remain concerned and continued to warn about delays. The surcharges meanwhile continue. Congestion worse than Suez Canal’s Industry analysts first noted the degree …

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Economies to brace themselves for the next inflation wave


Shipping’s soaring rates might be the prelude Current skyrocketing shipping rates troubled all stakeholders – the risks of losses outweighed the possibilities of profiting. Major shipping lines warned of delays due to port congestions. Some retailers had to roll with the pressure of possible aborted voyages. Adding these up results …

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China will dominate dry bulk for the next three years

dry bulk

Dry bulk is expected to skyrocket from the republic’s heavy buys China essentially has not slowed down its aggressive iron ore purchase from suppliers like Canada, Colombia, Russia, South Africa and the United States. It only blocked supplies from Australia because of the long-standing trade disputes. Industry experts also predicted …

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Ever Given’s charterer under pressure to unload its cargo onto other vessels


Loaded with 18,000 containers, Evergreen Marine Corp. is hard-pressed and under pressure to deliver their customers’ stuck cargo Carrying everything from toilet paper to coffee and furniture, Ever Given is barred from leaving the Suez Canal unless its owner makes good the $1 billion compensation to the Suez Canal Authority …

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