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Port of Rotterdam anticipates congestion after Suez Canal’s traffic resumes

Port of Rotterdam

Suez Canal’s unclogging places Port of Rotterdam in danger of bottlenecking Ever since Ever Given was freed, the Port of Rotterdam commenced consultation with relevant stakeholders (shipping companies, terminal operators, inland terminals, and hinterland carriers) to manage the forecasted surge in incoming vessels smoothly as possible. The Port said, “While …

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Shipping alliances and why they matter: Reasons to join the Global Shipowner Alliance (GSA)


The Global Shipowner Alliance (GSA), operated by Marine Online, aims to bring together shipowners in order to lower the costs of ownership and provides a multitude of benefits for members. As an integrated supply chain, the GSA aims to provide supplies and services to members and it has been estimated …

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Why should shipping companies choose Marine Online?

shipping companies

Singapore’s maritime B2B platform Marine Online offers a plethora of services for shipping companies. By integrating digital technology, big data and artificial intelligence into the maritime industry, Marine Online is able to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and these savings will in turn be passed on to the consumer. Marine …

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Challenges of the Chartering Sector in a Pandemic-stricken World


After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, all known human interaction was literally reduced to rely heavily on the Internet, through video calls or virtual business conferencing, by utilizing complimentary software available, such as Zoom, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, and more. For the same reason, production levels also dropped significantly due …

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Artificial Intelligence: The future of the maritime industry

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to change human lives momentously, and the maritime sector is no exception. AI has been incorporated into shipbuilding, with a number of corporations already successfully implementing it. AI may prove to be a difference maker in the cutthroat world of the maritime industry. Companies in …

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Import volume increases in American ports after COVID-19 shutdown

The United States has experienced a rise in imports at various maritime ports across the country as the economy continues to open up following the lifting of COVID-19 related shutdowns. With more stores reopening and restocking inventories, ports around the country have seen an increase in import volumes. In Oakland, …

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