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Shipping companies should not neglect maintenance


Maintenance is essential to sustain world trade and business operations Qatar-based Aswan Shipping reportedly had half its fleet blacklisted for horrendous conditions and deemed not sea-worthy. The latest is Australia’s imposing a 36-month ban for a carrier detected for severe deficiencies related to vessel maintenance and sub-standard working and living …

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Fast channel to global services with seamless payment avenue SINGAPORE, 19 March 2021 – The pandemic’s devastation disrupted numerous worldwide maritime operations – with companies either ceasing operations or impaired by travel restrictions. This resulted in shipowners’ deadlock in finding reliable vendors and subjecting their vessels to neglected maintenance. ADK Maritime …

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Recent findings reveal poor maintenance leading to Finlandia Seaways’ engine fire

poor maintenance

  Outright defects’ neglecting (poor maintenance) culminated compromised safety in the engine room The fire that resulted in the third engineer’s serious smoke-related lung, kidney and eye injuries during escape was attributed to substandard maintenance, according to the United Kingdom’s accident investigators. The Lithuanian-flagged vessel operated by DFDS Seaways was …

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Israel deals with oil spill – one of its most severe ecological disasters

Oil Spill

Investigations are underway for the cause of oil spill, while volunteers band together to clean up The Mediterranean beaches were forced to close when up to 170km of the 190km shore was tainted by sticky tar mid-month. Images posted on official government accounts showed sea birds and turtles covered in …

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Vessel strikes construction crane caused by engine failure

construction crane

Phuc Khanh slammed into a construction crane in Vietnam after losing power According to the Vietnam Expressway Development Investment Corporation (VEC), vessel Phuc Khanh’s power loss resulted in her grazing a barge before hitting a construction crane adjacent to a bridge pillar. The crane subsequently fell onto the Phuc Khanh’s …

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Elaborate clean-up operations commence on Wakashio’s mishap


Lianyungang Dali Underwater Engineering commences dismantling of Wakashio’s 75m bow Clean-up operations have commenced in Pointe d’Esny in Mauritius after the massive collision involving MV Wakashio last July. Lianyungang Dali Underwater Engineering is engaged to dismantle the 75m vessel bow. The parts will be transported on a special barge to …

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Balancing cash flow and maritime services expenditure

cash flow

How shipowners can carry out ship repairs and maintenance without affecting their cash flow Shipowners mostly rely on their cash flow to foot the numerous bills involving their vessels’ maintenance. For owners of big vessels, they have the financial bandwidth to withstand any expenditure. The same however cannot be said …

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