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China’s port closures implicate the Philippines


The most recent closure in Ningbo-Zhoushan made the Philippines prep itself for cargo delays The string of trials confronting China’s ports was arduous, predominantly due to COVID-19. It has now prompted the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) to take precautionary measures to buffer cargo delays.  Mitigating possible shipping delays The PPA …

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ExxonMobil to introduce low-emission marine biofuel


The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has introduced restrictions for marine fuels as part of its attempt to reduce carbon emissions from the shipping industry by 2050. Therefore, shipping companies will have to begin sourcing for alternative, less harmful sources of fuel for their vessels that meet the IMO’s requirements. A recent …

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Suppliers: How to make money with Marine Online

Singapore Marine Suppliers

Marine Suppliers: Setup Store And Display Products And Services For Free MOL provides the Marine Suppliers with a free display on the Company information, displaying the hot selling Products and Services on their Stores on MOL’s platform. You will be able to register for free, become a verified Supplier and …

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