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New portal connects the global maritime industry, brings about new opportunities and revenue streams

maritime industry

Repost: Multipurpose platform-based Marine Online employs cutting-edge technology for the maritime industry to benefit from optimised procurement efficiency, new business opportunities and connections in the increasingly connected digital realm As the biggest health crisis in most people’s memory, the Covid-19 has caused profound disruption across industries, and there is no …

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Marine Online Reinvents Vessels S&P Business Model

Business Model

Harnessing digital transformation and reinvents business model for today’s vessel sales and purchase SINGAPORE, 14 April 2021 – COVID-19 adversely disrupted shipping; world supply chains ground to a halt by travel restrictions with numerous economies spiralling into recession. Marine Online demonstrated its resilience against the pandemic with digitalised vessel sales …

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Fast channel to global services with seamless payment avenue SINGAPORE, 19 March 2021 – The pandemic’s devastation disrupted numerous worldwide maritime operations – with companies either ceasing operations or impaired by travel restrictions. This resulted in shipowners’ deadlock in finding reliable vendors and subjecting their vessels to neglected maintenance. ADK Maritime …

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Marine Online’s Platform – The answer to today’s chartering needs

CHARTERING: World’s first smart vessel matching powered by artificial intelligence and big data SINGAPORE, 11 March 2021 – Marine Online’s one-stop integrated platform successfully matched a vessel for a commodity cargo owner’s shipment – demonstrating digitalisation is the answer to all chartering challenges faced by ships and cargo owners today. …

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Marine Online Facilitates 2 Vessels’ Smooth Transit Through Singapore

Marine Online

SINGAPORE, 26 February 2021 – Marine Online’s team of professionals recently facilitated 2 vessels’ smooth transits through Singapore. The vessel operators approached Marine Online for urgent assistance through the platform, including vessel and crew departure immigration clearance, and crew sign-on/off. Two vessels were originally scheduled to leave Singapore waters; one …

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Panama Flagship Store Facilitates Successful Online Registry Applications

Panama Flagship Store

Fast and direct access to Panama Embassy for maritime services  SINGAPORE, 19 February 2021 – COVID-19 has proven the importance of digitalisation for maritime businesses. Various technologies reconstructed the business landscape due to numerous social distancing measures. With the pandemic slowing down business activities, digitalisation became an opportunity for some …

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Marine Online and Panama Embassy Officially Launch World’s First Online Portal

SINGAPORE, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The first official online portal for Panama registry, crew endorsement and other Panama maritime services is now available at WWW.MARINEONLINE.COM/PANAMA. This is a joint project by the Panama Embassy in Singapore and Marine Online (S) Pte Ltd to digitize and simplify the Panama registry and …

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Marine Online and Sinar Wijaya signs mutually beneficial partnership

16 September 2020—Singapore-based maritime eCommerce platform Marine Online and Indonesia’s Sinar Wijaya have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership today. Present at the signing ceremony in Singapore were the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Marine Online, Mr Yang Ling, along with Director of Sinar Wijaya, Mr Indra Wijaya. When reached …

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新加坡2020年11月18日消息,由巴拿马驻新加坡大使馆和海运在线共同打造的全球首家“巴拿马海事服务官方旗舰店”近日正式投入运营。船东足不出户即可在线办理巴拿马船舶注册、巴拿马船员证书签发、巴拿马船舶检验等综合服务,为船东提供了极大的便利。 图1:巴拿马驻新加坡大使Mr. Luis Alberto Melo (左)和海运在线CEO 杨凌(右)签署合作协议 据了解,本次开设的”巴拿马海事服务官方旗舰店”由海运在线负责技术运营,由巴拿马驻新加坡大使馆直接提供在线服务,区别于常见的授权服务机构由第三方提供服务的模式,是名副其实的“官方旗舰店”,可以最大限度的提高业务办理效率和官方服务保障。同时,依托于海运在线成熟的平台模式,船东通过官方旗舰店办理业务还可以实现在线支付、在线进度跟踪、电子证书在线打印等一系列配套服务。此外,为了鼓励更多船东通过在线模式办理业务,旗舰店还对官方收费进行了相应调整给船东真金白银的价格折扣,进一步提升客户体验。据悉,该旗舰店虽然由新加坡大使馆开设,但其服务范围可以覆盖全球市场,尤其是受到COVID-19影响船东无法前往现场办理的客户均可通过该官方旗舰店在线办理业务。 图2:巴拿马海事服务官方旗舰店落户海运在线 “本次与海运在线的战略合作是我们为了进一步提升客户服务的积极尝试,我们希望依托于海运在线广泛的客户资源和平台技术在当前的行业背景下能够给船东提供更加方便、快捷和更安全的业务办理途径,更好的支持船东的业务。”巴拿马驻新加坡大使Mr. Luis Alberto Melo对记者表示。 针对此次创新合作,海运在线CEO杨凌表示“我们非常赞赏巴拿马海事服务机构以及Luis先生为进一步提升客户服务所采取的积极行动,这体现了巴拿马海事服务机构对船东的体贴关怀和对客户服务的更高追求。海运在线一直致力于通过模式创新和技术创新为船东提供更加省钱、智能和快捷的一站式服务,通过这次合作让船东不仅可以在平台完成租船找货、船舶供油、备件物料、港口代理、船员服务、海运保险、船舶买卖这些日常业务外,还可以直接和船舶主管机关在线办理业务,让海运在线的服务范围更深更广,为海运业数字化转型提供了更多的落地场景。” 图3:巴拿马是全球最大的船舶方便旗注册国 巴拿马是全球最大的船舶注册国,截止到2020年10月,拥有入籍船舶8,484艘超过2.27亿注册总吨,签发船员证书31.7万份,是全球海运界最具影响力和最受欢迎的船舶注册服务机构。 海运在线是全球领先的海运电商平台,通过旗下全球船东联盟计划、平台统一授信服务以及先进技术的融入应用,为船东、货主和供应商打造更加高效和便捷的创新服务体验,成为了传统海运业平台化交易和数字化转型的重要推动力量。 巴拿马海事服务官方旗舰店网址为 船东客户通过电脑或手机APP均可访问和办理业务。

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Digitisation makes Headway for the maritime sector in Panama

Panama Flag

Singapore, 18 November 2020 – The Republic of Panama, a country with the largest registered vessels fleet, attracts shipowners with it lucrative privileges such as an open registry, tax exemptions, no minimum tonnage requirements, and its strategic position connecting one of the most important marine trade routes, the Pacific and …

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