Crew change fund from Singapore receives additional financial support

Crew change fund

  A crew change fund from Singapore received a significant financial boost as the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) have come together to contribute $500,000 to the Singapore Shipping Tripartite Alliance Resilience (SG-STAR), in order to reward countries that adopt ideal crew change …

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Demand for Eastern European seafarers rises amidst Asia lockdown


Demand for Eastern European crew has been rising during the COVID-19 pandemic, likely due to Asian countries still being under lockdown. Shipowners and managers are looking towards Eastern Europe for seafarers, since countries that supply a large number of them, such as India and the Philippines, are still under lockdown. …

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European Union to include shipping industry in carbon market

European Union – Shipping appears to be transitioning towards a more environmentally friendly future, with more authorities mandating the use of cleaner fuels, as well as penalising shipowners for pollution from their vessels. The latest authority to do so, the European Parliament, has come to a consensus with regard to …

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ExxonMobil to introduce low-emission marine biofuel


The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has introduced restrictions for marine fuels as part of its attempt to reduce carbon emissions from the shipping industry by 2050. Therefore, shipping companies will have to begin sourcing for alternative, less harmful sources of fuel for their vessels that meet the IMO’s requirements. A recent …

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Shipping alliances and why they matter: Reasons to join the Global Shipowner Alliance (GSA)


The Global Shipowner Alliance (GSA), operated by Marine Online, aims to bring together shipowners in order to lower the costs of ownership and provides a multitude of benefits for members. As an integrated supply chain, the GSA aims to provide supplies and services to members and it has been estimated …

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Why should shipping companies choose Marine Online?

shipping companies

Singapore’s maritime B2B platform Marine Online offers a plethora of services for shipping companies. By integrating digital technology, big data and artificial intelligence into the maritime industry, Marine Online is able to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and these savings will in turn be passed on to the consumer. Marine …

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Why companies choose us for Port Agency / Shipping Agency services?

shipping companies choose Marine Online for Port Agency / Shipping Agency services

Cost-effectiveness and transparency in rates! That’s the main reason why shipping companies choose us for Port Agency / Shipping Agency services. Marine Online helps companies to focus on their primary objective, which is driving revenue and profit. Our local experts work closely on the ground with the stakeholders to ensure …

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