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Marine Online scores another platform convert

The maritime industry in Singapore has always been doing business the traditional way. Marine Online’s efforts in leading the digital transition has scored another convert. A Singapore local harbour craft experienced the advantages of digital transaction with both competitive pricing and uncompromised service. Needing both inspection and supplies, Marine Online …

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Operations in China’s shipyards significantly slower

The lockdowns have devastated shipyards, and increased activity were observed outside of the country The current situation in China resulted in shipowners preferring secondhand vessels. Allied Shipbroking in their latest findings revealed Shanghai’s lockdown resulted in vessel maintenance works flowing outside of the republic. More activity outside of China It …

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Can Russia be totally removed from the trade equation?

The European Commission’s (EC) faced objections for its latest proposed sanctions, albeit with valid reasons EC’s latest set of sanctions about writing off Russian oil and refined products has heightened anxiety. Hungary and Slovakia were granted a year’s extension to make the weaning less painful, the Politico reported. However, is …

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China’s shipbuilding poised for another tight competition

Shipbuilding competition between China and Korea will only get more intense Competition among both China and Korea is supremely tough for newbuildings. While China is actively taking orders, it has the capacity to undertake the projects – unlike its rival who is frantically gathering manpower to address the load, including …

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