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Discover the Easiest and Simplest Way to Charter a Vessel

2nd Week of 2020 – Singapore based maritime eCommerce B2B platform, Marine Online ( announced today the launch of our “Chartering” services. We are all aware that the international shipping industry carries 90% of world trade. Hundreds of years past in the shipping tradition, especially in the dry bulk and tanker sector, charter brokers have been the matchmaker between both the cargo and shipowners and nothing much had changed since. While brokers continuously attempt to expand their client base, the need for more resources for open cargo and shipowners become more challenging. These data resources are treated with high confidentiality and are usually limited within the organisation and sometime individual in some cases. Chartering: Discover the Easiest and Simplest Way to Charter a Vessel The introduction of Marine Online Chartering module hopes to relieve the current challenges and resources are shared with the concept of an open platform. Similar to familiar taxi hailing APP, cargo owners will be able to find suitable vessels upon updating an open cargo; while shipowners who update their vessels open position will be matched with suitable cargo. Find Vessels Upon receiving an open cargo listing, our chartering operators will help cargo owners to find more vessels, will all necessary arrangement on documentation and to fix the charter. All documents and quotations from various shipowners are uploaded online for easy management. Online messenger tool are also available to communicate effortlessly. As shared by Marine Online CEO – Yang Ling, that all chartering services are at 0% commission. With that, we hope to attract more cargo owners, shipowners, as well as brokers to use our platform as an extension to their current resources. Registration in Marine Online is complimentary. The platform also includes useful marine tools for all our visitors, • AIS Vessel Search • Port Search • Port Cost Calculator • Distance Table • Voyage Estimation Marine Online Chartering (Cargo Owner) APP is available in both IOS and Android versions. Cargo owners are able to post cargo, match vessel, and manage all listed cargoes with their mobile devices. About Marine Online Marine Online is a third party platform servicing the maritime industry globally. It aims to serve shipowners and management companies, offering a marketplace of essential marine services including chartering, bunkering, port agency, ship supply, crewing, ship sales and purchase and other marine services. Unlike any digital commerce websites available in the current market, Marine Online is one of the few that are shipowners centric, provides one-stop integrated maritime services to ship owners within the platform. Connect with us at: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Company Contact: Customer Service Hotline: +65 6571 5888, Email: Media Contact: +65 9638 1237, Email:   海运在线推出“零佣金租船”业务
  总部位于新加坡的海运电商平台“海运在线”于2020年1月7日推出了一个类似于“滴滴打车”的海运租船服务,货主或租家只需填写简单的货物装卸信息即可在线匹配到合适的船舶承运货物,极大的提高了船货匹配的效率。与此同时,为了让更多的船东和货主能够体验到这种创新模式带来的便利,海运在线不收取任何租船佣金,为船东节省了真金白银的佣金支出。  Charter a Vessel 租船是船东日常经营管理中的头等大事,因为租船直接决定了船舶的运营效率和运营收入。在传统模式下船东面临两大痛点,一是租船渠道窄、效率低,因为单一船东的找货渠道比较有限且行业惯例都是通过发邮件给租船经纪由人工进行撮合,船舶只能在少数货盘和少数港口中进行选择;二是租船需要给经纪人支付高额的佣金,这些佣金根据运费的一定比例计算,从0.5%到5%不等,以一个10艘船舶的中小型船东为例,每年支付的佣金成本可能高达百万美元。 Finding vessels 为了解决船东的最大痛点,海运在线创新推出了平台化的“智能匹配”模式,用类似滴滴打车的理念将大量空船信息实现在线更新和实时船位跟踪,当有货盘信息出现时系统会自动根据货物类型、重量、装卸港口和时间等条件智能匹配给合适的船舶,用科技手段极大的提高了船货匹配的效率和精度。同时为了提供一站式服务,平台还组建了专业的租船业务操作团队负责后续的船舶操作,解决船东和货主的后顾之忧。 “海运业几百年来形成了很多传统和惯例,经纪人模式是其中比较典型的代表”海运在线CEO杨凌表示,“在过去信息技术、沟通方式、信用体系都不发达的情况下,经纪人可以发挥很多积极的作用,比如互通信息、建立信任、协助操作等等,但是随着科技的进步和商业模式的创新,我们希望能够依托新科技和新模式给船东进一步的提高效率、优化业务并降低成本,本次推出的智能租船业务就是我们的一个积极尝试。” 据悉,智能租船只是海运在线推出的系列在线服务之一,船东还可以通过平台预订海上供油、船舶代理、采购备件物料、招聘船员、在线投保以及买卖船舶等,每项服务都引入了成熟的互联网电商模式,不仅降低了采购价格还提升了采购体验,让传统的海运业也能够分享新科技和新模式带来的便利。 客服热线:+65 6571 5888,邮箱 媒体查询:+65 9638 1237(手机),邮箱

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