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Challenges of the Chartering Sector in a Pandemic-stricken World

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, all known human interaction was literally reduced to rely heavily on the Internet, through video calls or virtual business conferencing, by utilizing complimentary software available, such as Zoom, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, and more. For the same reason, production levels also dropped significantly due to a decrease in usage and consumption. This led to a tremendous drop in demand for logistics and transportation services, especially in the bulk department. In this highly competitive space, ship and cargo brokers are now focusing on cost savings and efficiency; what benefits the companies they represent most. chartering


The chartering sector is currently still a fairly traditional market and relies considerably on the human touch – networking and physical interaction, to the extent of still utilizing telex communication in certain cases. With the current unprecedented times dictating how we interact with each other, more and more companies are searching for alternative ways to continue the smooth and undisrupted running of their business operations, albeit virtually. They require a platform that is capable of connecting them with their service providers; is stable and secure, as well as providing them with the much needed mobility – keeping in mind, that there are currently 5.15 billion mobile phone users in the world today. Simply put, this equates to 66.5% of the world’s total population! With that said, this is where Marine Online plans to fill the gap, by being the one-stop platform for marine products and services. Shipowners can now easily post their vessel position online for better chances of getting matched and hired. Cargo owners can also view a list of suitable options and be able to choose the specific range and service that fits their budget and needs, therefore making the customary middleman, redundant. This not only presents cost-savings and efficiency, but also, minimizes the need for contact and interaction. Marine Online provides all these legacy services, which used to require lots of human interaction online, successfully transforming and disrupting the market, through ground-breaking innovation and at the same time, keeping people healthy and safe.

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