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Will China become a maritime powerhouse?

Newbuildings are steadily climbing, labour gap narrowed by the single-dose Convidecia

The single-dose Ad5-nCoV (trade name Convidecia) is hugely popular in China. About 450 million doses were administered across China as at 19 May 2021 – and tremendously enhanced China’s geopolitical position.

China on rapid recovery mode
Chinese companies’ presence in global maritime is strengthening in almost every aspect. As a manufacturer and one of the world’s manning countries, signs reflect high prospects of China dominating the entire global maritime. Data from the Institute of Shipping and Logistics named China as the second largest ship-owning nation, with a fleet of more than 5,600 vessels, and a 270 million dwt capacity. The largest shipping company in the world is China’s COSCO Shipping, with a fleet of 800 vessels and 74.5 dwt.

With vessel fleet of that scale, it is of no wonder China is steadily becoming a maritime powerhouse. As the industry grapples with the devastating impact of COVID-19 in India, this crisis turns out to be huge opportunity for China to “claim” its position in maritime.

The Ad5-nCoV currently authorised for use in countries outside of China are Mexico, Pakistan, Hungary, and Chile. It is also what the industry needs for seafarers who have close to zero reach for the second doses of the current available vaccines. As operators are hard-pressed to supply only vaccinated crew for voyages, the supply would unquestionably be from China. Essentially, operators, cargo owners and charterers enjoy cost-savings for their voyages, and have an edge to meet delivery deadlines.

Where does that leave maritime players?
With a good supply of vaccinated crew and vessels, its network of 34 major ports and over 2,000 minor ports enhances the China’s competitive advantage especially for Asia. Its resources are within almost immediate reach. However, the trick is to use the right tools to leverage what China has to offer.

Marine Online is strongly connected to a multitude of global ports and over 800 shipping agencies including China, enabling ships’ and cargo owners’ reach to a wide array of services. It is also a “super highway” for vessels sales and purchase; with a smart matching system that integrates data of over 200,000 ships of various makes and purposes.


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