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Egypt to expand its tug fleet with another five


Egypt – The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) looks to augment its existing fleet of 31 multi-type tugs

SCA chief Lt. Gen Osama Rabie announced the addition of five new tugboats from a Chinese company. He added, “We have already agreed with the Chinese company that the first tug will be delivered to Egypt in 14 months, the second in 20 months and the balance be within three years.”

Fleet upgrading objectives

Following a ceremony held in the north-eastern Ismailia province to mark the recent arrival of a giant dredger to the SCA, Rabie commented: “It is possible that we will cooperate with China in building bigger tugboats.” The authority agreed with China to ensure each of the five tugs will have a bollard pull of 80 tonnes.

He commended the Chinese’s prompt response to tenders. “They are so cooperative with us,” Rabie remarked; noting the latter was the first to present the offers in the tenders and projects launched by the SCA. The objective of the fleet upgrading is to ease navigation and prepare for rescue operations within and outside of the Suez Canal.

Mostafa Kenawy, head of the dredging department at the SCA, said that besides the five tugs to be built in China, most of the spare parts at SCA workshops are “made in China”. He commented, “We have deep cooperation with China and we are about to hold a tender for building a new hopper dredger, and Chinese companies are welcomed to present their offers.”



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