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From candle making to ship supply shopping

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The evolution of candlemakers to ship chandlers rode on sheer convenience

During the middle ages when electricity did not exist, households relied on candles for light. While some households made their own candles, others turned the craft into a money making business. However, one thing led to another and candle making wound up including shopping for ship supplies.

Chandlers have 2 meanings
A candlemaker is called a chandler, so is a dealer responsible for providing supplies and equipment for ships (incidentally). Back then, every household had one member melting the wax and making candles. They also managed the material supplies such as string, oil and of course wax.

With wax being also an ingredient in soap making, chandlers began to branch out producing items related to their trade. The coming of maritime business further propelled the trade and candlemakers started to provide other supplies such as groceries and essentials for ships. Moreover, the essentials broadened and chandlers catered to the demand by enhancing their range of products. Some even planted themselves at ports for vessels’ easy access. That was the moment when chandlers had a new calling (and name). Providing more than just candles and soaps, these sellers became marine provision shops where vessels patronised to replenish their supplies onboard.

Fast forward to the 21st century, with brick and mortar stores gradually replaced by the convenient online shopping, ship chandling has also gone down this route. While everyday consumers “stroll” through virtual malls, mariners would be in marine malls for the same reasons. Compare those days where ships could only do their supplies replenishing by shopping while docked at ports, vessels today have a head start (at sea) with access to marine malls for their supplies, and have the goods loaded while berthed.

Marine Online has a mall with just the items needed for every vessel. Collaborating with a wide network of global partners, vessels can receive their orders at the ports they call on. What’s more, vessels can enjoy competitive rates purchasing through Marine Online’s marine mall.

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