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Traditional chandlers are also hit by disrupted supply chains, making purchases tougher

Supply chains disruption from the pandemic ruptured purchasing. It has become more difficult and expensive to round up supplies and deliver to the vessels for traditional chandlers. However, there is a seamless and cost-effective way to make it work for both shipowners and operators.

Shopping online works as well
The catastrophic effects of COVID-19 have likely put some suppliers out of business as costs eclipsed the margins. Chandlers’ pool of suppliers are actively shrinking and the thought of making physical shopping trips to round up a load of supplies can be daunting. Pair that with the supply shortages everywhere from severely delayed transportation, shipowners and operators would have no choice but to make do with going online – just to get supplies in time before voyage resumption.

Jeff Crouthamel, third generation owner of Harbor Ship Supply based in United States lamented on the current conditions. “It is bigger than a supply chain issue. It is an employment and a trucking issue. Our operating expenses have increased dramatically.” He conceded it is a competition against other countries and ports given raising prices is not an option. Crouthamel explained, “When they (customers) are not happy with the prices, they will just keep postponing for as long as they can.” The out of whack supply eco-system corroborates the importance of digitalisation to remain in business. It is by adopting the right digital tools and solutions, that businesses still have a fighting chance.

Marine Online is a one-stop integrated e-Commerce platform that provides ship supplies. Purchasers can walk through the digital mall with their virtual carts and pick up what they need at competitive prices. They need not worry about supply shortages or delivery deadlines as the mall is a network of worldwide suppliers. As far as the vessels are concerned, they deal with only one point of contact through mouse clicks or finger taps. Within the marketplace, information about products is regularly updated, making all products available in the selected ports ready for order.

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