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Ghana to start its oil recycling facility

oil recycling

A waste oil recycling machine capable of producing up to 6,000 mt of oil products annually to be installed in Ghana

Ghana’s port of Tema will be joining the environment movement towards sustainable energy production with an Ecoslop’s Mini P2R (Petroleum Residue Recycling) installation – a technology which converts waste oil into usable products though high-heat distillation. Ecoslops will also be training the operators and providing technical support related to the distillation facility.

Working with Ghana’s Marine Bunkers Ltd, waste oil from both on-shore and off-shore will be collected for treatment at the reprocessing facility. The Mini P2R will revalue this waste and used lube oil into new oil products. It removes water and sediments within collected waste oil, and reprocesses it through a vacuum distillation column. This Mini P2R also has a hydrocarbon fraction treatment capacity of 3,000-6,000mt/year of oil products.

Ecoslops said in a statement, “By allowing a second life to these wastes – which are harmful to health and the environment, it will help to effectively combat the pollution associated with the illegal dumping of these residues in rivers and oceans, as well as toxic air emissions from their incineration in the absence of treatment.”


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