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Increasing demand for data services from maritime industry

The use of data services is rising with digitalisation a key factor in the maritime industry, according to the article published by Seatrade Maritime News. With the ongoing digital transformation of the maritime industry, Joel Box, sales manager at AIS company GateHouse Maritime has observed a spike in demand for satellite communication partially driven by the growing interest in data. Increasing demand for data services from maritime industry Box said: “Data services provide users with unprecedented analytical capabilities. With the right data, shipping companies can, for example, create a comprehensive, operational maritime overview, manage fuel consumption, predict ETAs and cut operational costs while ports can use data to assess risks and improve safety in the port area. Originally, AIS was used as a collision avoidance tool. Now, the uses of AIS data have expanded and evolved significantly. The general digital transformation has raised the demand for data services that provide instant access to the information that AIS data contains – a demand we believe will only grow stronger in the future,” He added that, at the start of the digital transformation, shipping companies, ports, and coastal authorities mostly built their own software systems, which have significant costs involved. The solutions have become more advanced as the industry gradually matures digitally, and most companies turn to software and solutions that allow them to have more visibility in terms of data analytics. He further explained that increasing data efficiency within the organisation would be the next step for many maritime companies.

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