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Malaysia updates crew change instructions

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are new updates from Malaysia and government has issued new instructions to be followed by shipping companies and seafarers when in Malaysia. Malaysia updates Malaysia has allowed for crew changes for all personnel, but should there be a positive COVID-19 test or if a crew member shows symptoms of COVID-19, the shipping company would have to inform the Ministry of Health (MOH), and to quarantine the affected members. Social distancing must also be enforced for all crew members entering into Malaysia. Applications for signing-off and signing-on will both have to be made to the Marine Department Malaysia (MARDEP). Applications for signing-off will have to be made three days before the ship enters the port of signing off, while applications for signing-on will have to be made three days before the arrival of crew to Malaysia. Crews who are signing-on and signing-off will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine at a registered Quarantine Centre, and will only be allowed to leave upon two negative COVID-19 tests, administered on the 1st and 13th day of the quarantine. For foreign crews signing-off, a document with proof of travel, such as a ticket, must be provided to MARDEP, the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) and/or MOH when needed. For foreign crews signing-on, proof of employment and supporting documents are to be provided to MARDEP, JIM and/or MOH when needed. In order to receive approval for their signing-on application, shipping companies and manning agencies will have to ensure that no crew members display any symptoms of COVID-19, complete the Health Declaration Form from MARDEP, complete the 14-day quarantine and acquire the two negative COVID-19 test results from the crew’s quarantine, and declare that all foreign crew members are COVID-19 free. Crews from shipping companies are exempt from the 14-day quarantine if they are ferries or tugboats operating only within Malaysia, offshore ships that are in Malaysia without transferring a foreign supernumerary within the past 30 days, or ships which have been laid up in Malaysia for more than 30 days. Source: Marine Department of Malaysia

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