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Marine Online Facilitates 2 Vessels’ Smooth Transit Through Singapore

SINGAPORE, 26 February 2021 – Marine Online’s team of professionals recently facilitated 2 vessels’ smooth transits through Singapore. The vessel operators approached Marine Online for urgent assistance through the platform, including vessel and crew departure immigration clearance, and crew sign-on/off.

Two vessels were originally scheduled to leave Singapore waters; one towing the other to Indonesia for dry-docking. Originally in Batam, Indonesia, the ships’ designated port agencies have either ceased operations due to the pandemic, or did not respond to the vessels’ requests for document submission to Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at least 48 hours before arriving in Singapore. The shipowner sought Marine Online’s assistance after several failed attempts finding other port agents to resolve the urgent clearance issue.

A series of setbacks confronted the Marine Online team, including ICA portal’s stall, plus outdated records from foreign port agencies requiring additional transfer procedures with the authority. All these issues were seamlessly resolved due to Marine Online’s good relations with the government agency. ICA also graciously went the extra mile to activate their system vendors to restore its portal the soonest – minimising procedural delays.

Marine Online team’s determination to ensure the client’s vessels depart on schedule eventually paid off. The documentation process which normally takes a few days was concluded within 48 hours at 6am with Marine Online’s close follow-up, despite a plethora of complications. Both vessels successfully departed at 8.40am on schedule.

A spokesperson from the shipowner noted, “Marine Online’s team of experienced professionals was also ready to assist every step of the application process. Speaking from experience where we almost risked being behind schedule, we certainly rec­­­ommend Marine Online for their digitalised port agency services.”

Steve Yeoh, head of business development in Marine Online remarked, “It is of utmost importance for us to provide operational-ready products and personnel for every client. Apart from having the know-hows, being globally-connected enhances our service standards to our clients. It also proves the effectiveness of our platform especially for clients at sea that are paralysed with non-active service providers during crucial times. Our team has done an outstanding job in ensuring authentic approvals from the authorities were received for the vessels to depart on schedule.”


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