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Marine Online scores another platform convert

The maritime industry in Singapore has always been doing business the traditional way. Marine Online’s efforts in leading the digital transition has scored another convert. A Singapore local harbour craft experienced the advantages of digital transaction with both competitive pricing and uncompromised service.

Needing both inspection and supplies, Marine Online offered an irresistible price and scored a string of order from the harbour craft operator – compass deviation, magnetic compass overhauling, UWILD with Class (inclusive of Full Hull Cleaning and Propeller Polishing), and sample bottles. The client found Marine Online through an online search and it did not take long for the procurement to be made.

Marine Online’s Marine Services representative said, “The local market has been extremely competitive, and more challenging to infuse digitalisation into the mix. We are observing a rising trend in costs, catalysed by several geopolitical and economical issues. It is another opportunity for us to advocate the benefits of Marine Online’s platform, where clients can enjoy both competitive prices and quality service. Moreover, they suffer zero operation disruptions with our efficiency.” Marine Online has again proved its platform is an effective way to help businesses align to the ever-evolving industry demands and be resilient in a dynamic digital future.

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