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Marine Online’s Platform – The answer to today’s chartering needs

CHARTERING: World’s first smart vessel matching powered by artificial intelligence and big data

SINGAPORE, 11 March 2021 – Marine Online’s one-stop integrated platform successfully matched a vessel for a commodity cargo owner’s shipment – demonstrating digitalisation is the answer to all chartering challenges faced by ships and cargo owners today.

Cacao Paramount Sdn Bhd posted their cargo bound for East Asia on Marine Online’s platform, and received a matching vessel notification shortly after. Pleased with the seamless transaction, a representative from Cacao Paramount said, “Marine Online’s platform made our vessel search efficient and seamless. There was also an extensive listing of available vessels matching our specifications; widening our options. We strongly recommend cargo owners to try Marine Online’s platform for quick and efficient vessel chartering.”

A representative of the shipowner seconded, “Sourcing for cargo has become much simpler with Marine Online’s platform; shipowners just need to update available tonnage regularly to ensure accurate cargo matching. The platform also assures client authenticity – making Marine Online a safe platform for both ships and cargo owners for chartering needs.”

Gary Jin, Chief Technology Officer of Marine Online, remarked: “Observing the synergistic relationship between data and A.I., we leveraged big data with efficient algorithms to enable A.I.-based vessel matching. We are pleased that our technology based initiative is able connect Cacao Paramount to the right vessel. Cacao Paramount is proof Marine Online is the answer to today’s chartering needs.”

Kenny Phua, Vice President of Marine Online’s chartering department, added “Our platform is an extension of our quality service to clients. As the industry evolves towards technology-based operations, we are confident that Marine Online is in the right direction to ease our clients’ transition into digitalised maritime business.”

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