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Maritec issues low flashpoint bunker fuels alert for Singapore and Malaysia ports

Repost: Singapore-based marine fuel testing and marine surveying business Maritec Pte Ltd (Maritec), a subsidiary of Shenzhen-listed Centre Testing International Group (CTI), on Tuesday (10 August) issued a low flashpoint bunker fuels alert for Singapore and Malaysia ports. The alert is as follows:

Maritec Pte Ltd has tested several samples representing VLSFO deliveries in Singapore and Malaysia with flashpoint as low as 50°C for the period of 15th July 2021 to 05th August 2021 from various suppliers.

SOLAS Chapter II-2, Part B, Reg. 4. Clause 2.1.1 states

“The following limitations shall apply to the use of oil as fuel, except as otherwise permitted by this paragraph, no oil fuel with a flashpoint of less than 60°C shall be used.”

If your vessel has bunkered a low flashpoint fuel it is prudent to observe the below precautions.

  • Vent all the fuel tanks.
  • No Smoking, No naked flame and No hot work must be allowed at any areas near to tank air vents.
  • Send additional tank(s) samples upon arrival in port to check the fuel properties and flash point results especially if there has been co-mingling of fuels in bunker tanks
  • If the vessel is out at sea, it may be possible to obtain dispensation from your Flag State Administration up to next arrival port
  • Put the supplier on notice promptly and notify your P&I club.

ISO 4259 interpretation for tested flashpoint temperature is not taken into consideration here as the safety of onboard crew and vessel is of higher precedence.

This document however does not reflect on the overall quality of fuel being supplied at Singapore, if you intend to bunker at this region please request for a Certificate of Quality prior to loading.


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