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Maritime’s adaptation of “Guiltology”

Swiss shipowner, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) responds to MCS’ allegations

US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has commenced investigations against 8 mega-shipowners for their alleged improper business practices. MSC however, is not about to take this lying down.

Guilty till proven innocent?
Dramatic as it may appear, MSC claimed shock about MCS’ allegations, stemming from complaints surrounding cargo owners who suffered arduous overcharging. Pennsylvanian cargo owner, MCS Industries was one of the first to step up asserting the atrocities of shipowners; profiteering by leveraging the prevailing maritime crisis. MSC however maintained it received no formal complaint from MCS Industries prior.

In its statement, MSC said it is still studying some of the contents of the particular complaint, and the company does not recognise the alleged shortcomings in booking the cargo allocations provided for this shipper. Furthermore, MSC is not illegitimately selling space allotted to MCS Industries under its service contracts to other shippers.

The statement also read, “MSC also rejects the accusation of collusion between carriers put forward in the complaint. MSC and the shipping line COSCO are not in the same container-carrying alliance, and as such have no operational cooperation by way of Vessel Sharing Agreement (VSA) or Slot Charter Agreement (SCA) anywhere in the world.”

Or possible defamation
MSC added it continues to make great efforts to provide its customers with quality service during extraordinary market conditions, and will engage through appropriate channels and official processes, as required, with the purpose of refuting baseless claims and providing accurate sets of facts. The company is also reviewing whether, when viewed against the true facts, any of the allegations amount to defamation.

As it is now, it can be assumed majority in the industry agreed with the allegations about shipowners’ atrocities, from the business practices’ perspective. Should MSC’s legal team gathers sufficient grounds to take on MCS before the judge, it might spell another chain of flak for major shipowners – regardless of the outcome.


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