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MarRI-UK awards grants to boost maritime innovation

Maritime Research and Innovation United Kingdom (MarRI-UK), an organisation that fosters cooperation between British companies, the government and academics in order to increase the competitiveness of the British shipping industry, has announced that £1.5m worth of grants have been awarded to 11 projects that help boost innovation in the UK maritime industry, according to the article by Ship Technology. This is in response to Maritime 2050, the British government’s long-term goal for the future of the UK maritime industry, launched in January 2019. Maritime 2050 included a commitment to boosting the innovation of the maritime industry and increasing the gains received successfully from new breakthroughs in maritime technology. The grant was launched in September 2019, and companies across the UK could apply for it in order to develop mid-Technology Readiness Level (TRL) technologies (TRL 3-7). Technology Readiness Level, or TRL, is a system used to measure the maturity of technologies. It ranges from TRL 1, which indicates basic observations are made of the properties of a certain technology, to TRL 9, which indicates that the technology has been tested and used in real-life contexts. Amongst the criteria for awarding the grant are how cost effective the technology is, creativity and its merits, along with how compatible it is with Maritime 2050. MarRI-UK awards grants to boost maritime innovation UK Maritime Minister Kelly Tolhurst had this to say: “Innovation and technological advancements are key to developing a more efficient and advanced maritime sector as we build a green legacy from Covid-19. “Through our ambitious Maritime 2050 vision, this government continues to support creative and innovative solutions to enhance our maritime transport, and I look forward to seeing the results of these cutting-edge projects.” MarRI-UK reacted positively to its awarding of the grants, with its chairperson John Howie stating that “The 11 successful projects are great examples of UK technology and innovation, helping the UK maritime sector meet the challenges and goals set out in the Maritime 2050 vision.”

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