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New portal connects the global maritime industry, brings about new opportunities and revenue streams

Repost: Multipurpose platform-based Marine Online employs cutting-edge technology for the maritime industry to benefit from optimised procurement efficiency, new business opportunities and connections in the increasingly connected digital realm

As the biggest health crisis in most people’s memory, the Covid-19 has caused profound disruption across industries, and there is no exception for shipping. Key operators in the maritime industry are compelled to re-evaluate their practices in the face of unprecedented challenges. And as the world becomes ever more connected, technology plays a role never seen before.

If there is a silver lining to these challenging times, it is the fact that the pandemic works as a catalyst to foster the adoption of platform-based business models, resulting in numerous migrations from single-purpose to multipurpose platforms, and a more cost-effective operation for those who are quick to embrace the change.

As one of the world’s first one-stop integrated platforms specialising in maritime services for the global market, Singapore-headquartered Marine Online plays an instrumental role through its platform-based approach to support the maritime ecosystem.

Marine Online’s embedded artificial intelligence and big data feature helps companies identify business gaps that can, at times, go unnoticed in the industry. The e-commerce portal’s all-in-one service platform enables access to a wide variety of maritime services and offerings delivered through in-house technology and third-party integrations. Opportunities, therefore, can present themselves on the screen in a highly automated fashion.

Marine Online takes all ships and cargo owners through a holistic spectrum for ship readiness. Upon a vessel charter, for example, Marine online offers crewing, bunkering and chandelling services for the charterer during the stages of voyage preparation. Available for ship and cargo owners, meanwhile, is a wide range of marine services such as inspections, insurance and relevant documentations before the voyage. And to ensure top operation efficiency, for optimum passage planning purpose, there are free tools for users to search for vessels and port information in real-time, and compute estimated costs of voyages.

And the service platform works just as well for potential investors in the maritime industry. As far as vessels sales and purchase is concerned, Marine Online’s smart matching system integrates data of over 200,000 ships of various makes and purposes. This facilitates effective sourcing for the best-matched vessels with a detailed list of certifications. The channel also offers insightful data such as vessel real-time locations, valuation ranges, plus latest maritime news, so that users of the service can stay at the top of the game.

As with some of the world’s most treasured and trusted applications, the platform has undergone multiple timely updates since its launch in 2019. Yang Ling, CEO of Marine Online explains “We have made several enhancements to improve user experience. Marine Online’s function as a maritime super app helps users make informed decisions. Majority of the services were created through integrating companies wanting to conduct business with our extensive user base.” He adds that partners can also leverage the platform’s wide coverage for broader global reach. “Marine Credits, our centralised credit facility is available to aid owners of small- and medium-sized vessels sustain their global operations.”

Thanks to the application’s numerous functions and capacity for expansion, Marine Online transforms maritime into an ecosystem-based commerce. It is an ideal gateway for businesses to work together and discover unique opportunities to offer products and services, even at these challenging times of changing tides.



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