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North America, Western Europe and Singapore may reach normalcy sooner


Normalcy is possible and ultimately determined by how nations manage their issues

Despite current port congestions and bottlenecks crippling world supply chains, some countries have a stronger chance to return to normalcy sooner. The key is skilfully navigating the challenges.

Looking back
In July 2021, when port congestions were at its peak, many cargo owners had their profit margins profusely squeezed. Industry researchers expected the bottlenecks to improve by 2022, but it remains to be seen with the additional string of maritime challenges confronting China. The chain of disasters started with Yantian having an infection, followed by a typhoon, and a latest outbreak in Ningbo-Zhoushan. The biggest deep sea liner route is the Trans-Pacific trade between Asia and North America. Its related ports are also battling port congestions.

Between port congestions, ships and cargo owners had to deal with border restrictions from COVID-19. Further dissecting the issues would have vaccines, and decisions to get vaccinated wind up impacting manpower supply, which demand almost immediate attention. Countries that cleverly managed the issues faced lesser resistance in their paths to recovery.

The golden mindset
North America received 540 million vaccine doses, Western Europe received close to 212 million, and Singapore had 8.75 million. These numbers led to researcher, McKinsey & Company deem North America and Western Europe as high vaccination regions, while Singapore as an effective case controller. Hence, these regions are expected to resume normalcy quicker, partially because the idea of accepting COVID-19 as an endemic has sunk in.

McKinsey noted Singapore as one of the most successful nations to contain the pandemic via tight border restrictions, plus a strong public-health response to imported cases. Residents enjoyed long periods of relative normalcy without public-health restrictions, aside from limits on international travel. Recognising and accepting COVID-19 as an endemic is a major component to facilitate quicker vaccination initiatives. When herd immunity reaches an acceptable level, it is significantly easier to resume normalcy across the country, including trade and supply chains.


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