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Panama bunker fuel sales volume falls 10% on year in November 2021

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Repost: Marine fuel sales at Panama fell by about 10.42% in November 2021, according to the latest data from La Autoridad Maritima de Panama, also known as the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA).

Total bunker sales at Panama was 465,380 metric tonnes (mt) in November, compared to sales of 363,735 mt during the similar period in 2020.

In November 2021, the Pacific side of Panama posted bunker sales of 400,577 mt; 259,226 mt of VLSFO, 98,926 mt of RMG 380, 7,991 of marine gas oil (MGO), and 34,434 mt of low sulphur marine gas oil (LSMGO) were delivered.

The similar region saw total marine sales of 313,156 mt a year before November; with VLSFO sales at 220,385 mt, RMG 380 sales at 61,126 mt, MGO sales at 10,132 mt, and 21,513 mt of LSMGO being sold.

Panama’s Atlantic side, meanwhile, recorded total bunker fuel sales of 64,803 during November 2021; the figure comprised 56,572 mt of VLSFO, zero sales of RMG 380, 3,600 mt of MGO, and 4,631 mt of LSMGO.

It saw total sales of 50,579 mt in November a year before; with VLSFO sales of 39,607 mt, RMG 380 sales of 3,789 mt, no sales of MGO, and LSMGO sales of 7,183 mt.

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