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Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) reaffirms its commitment to the industry at Sea Asia

PMA has an active partner in Singapore to support the technology-driven maritime sector

In today’s technology-driven market, digitalisation has been at the forefront of all business evolution. Actively supporting the technology-driven maritime industry is the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA), a sponsor of the Sea Asia held on 21-23 September 2021.

Holistic technology-based support

Luis Alberto Melo – Ambassador from the Embassy of Panama in Singapore, said in a pre-recorded video at the Sea Asia: “Panama is committed to work together with our partners, and invest in technology through online applications in order to reduce the ease of wait. “Commenting on the crew change crisis, H.E. Melo added, “Our consular and technical department will continue to facilitate and work closely with our partners in order to resolve the difficult situation of crew shifts.”

In a panel discussion pertaining to the crew change crisis, Rafael Cigarruista, PMA’s Director of Merchant Marine, remarked: “We have known a lot but not enough. Stakeholders are struggling and pushing in different ways. All would have to work in consensus. We as a flag state are trying as much as possible to provide solutions to shipowners and crew.”

The PMA also highlighted that they have successfully repatriated 60,000 crew member of various nationalities. In terms of training, the PMA is also facilitating the preparation of future maritime professionals through sponsored academic and practical training.

As the world’s largest ship registry, the PMA has over 8,000 vessels under its flag. Despite its reputation, the complicated administrative process is a major hindrance to shipowners who are keen to register their vessels under Panama. Adopting technology is thus the best bridge to assist shipowners and operators for efficient registration and authorisations.

In Singapore, the PMA partners with Marine Online through its embassy in Singapore for vessel and crew related authorisations. Since 2020, the world’s largest ship registry has made available services such as ship registration, and its seafarer and marine services are accessible through Marine Online’s platform. All applications can be submitted online through the platform, and will still be approved directly by the Consulate General in the office of Panamanian embassy. Marine Online is the official partner of the PMA through the Embassy of Panama in Singapore. Panama has been a member of the International Maritime Organisation’s category A since 2002. The country has presented its candidacy for council election for 2022-2023 term.


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