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Pay for your ship supplies with Marine Online credits

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Full range of ship supplies available round the clock, plus available credits for payment

It is important for a ship to have adequate stores before any voyage. Long periods at sea involving big groups of crew can deplete provisions; anything from hardware, chemicals, galley equipment, charts and binoculars, foods and other supplies. It can be said that many items onboard are specialised in their nature.

Balancing supplies and cash flow
With a comprehensive list of items to procure, the captain cannot approach a random supplier with limited exposure to maritime needs. Every item ordered especially spare parts has to be of superior quality to ensure the vessel’s smooth operation, and the crew’s safety.

As the ship docks, the cycle of replenishing stock repeats – subject to availability. Apart from providing commodities, some ships would require cleaning, repair and maintenance services. Moreover, a chargeable commission is applicable for the bulk of orders placed.

Cash flow is a big issue for any shipowner or manager. Inability to pay bills timely leads to strained relationship with suppliers, or lawsuits in serious cases. With the current COVID-19 situation, cash flow became a common problem for numerous shipowners of small- and medium-sized vessels.

Bridging the cash flow gap
With most of the suppliers’ Cash-on-Delivery policies, it is a challenge for shipowners of smaller fleets to manage on-time payments. Marine Online offers a solution to bridge shipowners’ cash flow gap. Shipowners can source for their supplies across various providers and pay with ready credit issued by Marine Online. Not only will shipowners be able pay promptly for all purchases, they can be assured of receiving products of optimum quality.

All suppliers are stringently screened and selected to be Marine Online’s authorised service provider. Users can look forward to quick, professional, safe and secured transactions through its web and app integrated platform.

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