Marine Online is now offering free Port Agency Services and lowest rate on Crew Change. To find out more, email to Singapore, 15 June 2020 – Marine Online (MOL) had successfully launched its full-fledged port coverage and agency services. Equipped with a strong alliance of over 200 port agencies covering more than 500 ports globally, the company offers the lowest rate on Port Agency Fees with visibility and transparency on its pricing with no hidden fees. Currently, the company is running a free port agency services campaign which eases the burden of shipowners on port agency costs. For a limited period, the company is now extending its free port agency services in Singapore for any engagement of the company’s bunkering, marine supplies, or technical services with spending of at least US$ 5000. Tiger Cai, COO of Marine Online, said: “Even if shipowners decided not to use those services under Marine Online, they could still get the lowest rate for other services. The cargo operation fee, for example, is normally priced at US$ 3000. With Marine Online, it is just US$ 500. This definitely helps to ease the burden of shipowners in the current business climate.” Free Port Agency Services and Lowest Rate on Crew Change Strategically based in Singapore, a leading container hub port with the world’s most substantial transhipment volumes, Marine Online’s in-house agency team, helms over 1000 voyages handling experience. The local expert team who works closely on the ground with relevant stakeholders, ensures the fastest turnaround for all vessels in port. They are committed and highly focused on assisting shipowners, ship managers with their requirements around the clock.

Crew Change

Marine Online is also committed to aid shipowners on another major issue, which is crew change. Crew change became a hot maritime topic most recently. As we navigate through the moving tides brought by the global pandemic, a rising challenge was to adhere to the set of new regulations formulated to address the deployment of crews and transportation issues. As an integral element to keep business afloat, the industry was challenged to tighten their belt while they comply with stringent safe distancing measures. Some critical contributing factors include the needs of chartering flights with a higher cost, increasing the numbers of vans and passenger boats for seafarers’ embarkation and disembarkation from vessels. In response to support the industry to get our seafarers home and new crews redeployed safely and efficiently, Marine Online is reverent to extend an appreciation offer of US$ 10 per crew handling fee during this crucial period. Navigating the global crisis, shipowners and ship management companies may take pleasure in seizing the pulse with Marine Online (MOL) “Marine Credits” program. This centralized credit facility offers shipowners the flexibility of a credit line up to USD 1 million, payable within thirty days. Collectively, the cohesion of all programs launched will resolve the call for resiliency to ensure business continuity. Mr. Edmund Chik, Vice President of Marine Online said, “COVID-19 has caused multiple disruptions of global supply chains which in turn has impacted the shipping market. We understand the importance of financial liquidity and the struggle that every business is going through at the moment, especially for the smaller shipowners. Through these programs, we aim to offer lucrative solutions that can alleviate and meet their near-term requirements.” The pandemic, which has thrown the spotlight on the global shipping economy, calls for higher expediency and actionable insights to resources and proficiency aim to conserve investments. Marine Online’ full-fledged port coverage and agency services across the globe, provides shipowners an alternate avenue to keep their business above the water. On top of trends, an economical option to achieve the highest level of technical competency, reliability, and access to embrace future-ready solutions.   For more information, please contact: Dillon Yong Marine Online Pte Ltd 10 Pasir Panjang Road #15/16-01/02 Mapletree Business City Singapore 117438 Direct : +65 6571 5957 Email :