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Why companies choose us for Port Agency / Shipping Agency services?

Cost-effectiveness and transparency in rates! That’s the main reason why shipping companies choose us for Port Agency / Shipping Agency services. Marine Online helps companies to focus on their primary objective, which is driving revenue and profit. Our local experts work closely on the ground with the stakeholders to ensure the fastest turnaround for your vessel in port, and we are highly focused on assisting shipowners, ship managers with their requirements 24/7 around the clock. Whilst a highly competitive port agency fee isn’t all; the Marine Online platform ensures transparency in the operations. Pro-active vessel reports are delivered via principals’ preferred mode of contact (MOL app, email, text message). Close working rapport with our local pilots allows us to be on the lookout for early departure despite pilotage congestions. shipping companies choose Marine Online for Port Agency / Shipping Agency services Our Cash-To-Master services Port of Singapore are at a flat fee of USD198 (inclusive of launch hire). Also, get complimentary agency fees with purchases of ship supplies, provisions, and technical services from the Marine Online platform. Is this true? But what would Marine Online earn if we are charging at such a low fee? The answer is very simple. We want to provide a good service to the shipowners or ship managers so that they will try out all our other services such as chartering, bunkering, ship supply, crewing, ship for sale, and other marine services. Through the consolidation of all services rendered to the shipowners and ship managers, they are able to save the costs of between 10%-25%, and while Marine Online is only getting a small fee for what we delivered out of a good overall service performed; it is a bigger volume of activities. We consider that as a win-win situation for both parties. Marine Online is driving towards being a game-changer in the maritime industry by encouraging shipowners and ship managers to use our e-platform for all their needs. Thus, this promotional activity will allow shipowners and ship managers the opportunity to explore using our platform. Try it out! Place an order now For any enquiries, please contact

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