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Ship managers rejoice! Match with cargo owners globally with 0% Ship Chartering Commission on Marine Online’s platform

Ship chartering is an extremely time consuming and exhausting activity, with many different procedures having to take place. There are also numerous port fees and costs are ever-rising. Furthermore, exorbitant commission rates paid to brokers lead to even higher costs. However, Singapore’s B2B Maritime eCommerce platform Marine Online has come up with a cost-saving service that is sure to provide great value to ship managers worldwide. Ship Chartering With Marine Online’s 0% commission on ship chartering, ship owners can now save money, as they no longer have to pay any brokerage fees! As easy as using a ride hailing app, Marine Online will look to connect ship owners with interested cargo owners. By streamlining the ship chartering process, ship owners will only have to post any open positions on their vessels, and cargo owners who have suitable cargo will be matched when available. This is done based on the type of vessel, open positions, deadweight tonnage (DWT), and available dates. Cargo owners would have to enter volume, loading and discharging port, as well as available dates. Once there is a successful match, Marine Online’s team will make the necessary arrangements, without any commission from either party. This process is facilitated through Marine Online’s smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, and is available for destinations all around the world! When ship owners and cargo owners come to an agreement through Marine Online, ship owners will be able to save on a commission of up to 3.75%! There will be no charge for chartering services on Marine Online’s platform, and it is hoped that this would help attract cargo owners, ship owners as well as brokers to use its platform. Ship owners may also be interested in other services that Marine Online provides, such as bunkering, crewing, ships for sale, ship supply, port agency services, and emergency maritime services. You can find more information on Marine Online’s chartering services at  

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