More Cargoes, More Business

MOL’s platform uses high technology in matching the Cargoes and Vessels together. As a Shipowner, after you had registered your Vessel’s open information on MOL’s platform, the system will auto matched the cargoes for you based on these 4 main information: Vessel Type, Deadweight, Open Dates and Open Positions. If your Vessel Type, Quoted Price and Payment Terms matched the Charterer’s requirements, you will be awarded the order. Do remember to register the Open Dates and Open Positions in advance before you finish the current voyage, in this case, you will be able to view the auto-matched cargoes in advance which helps in the high productivity of the Vessels operations and in turn translate into more chartering businesses and more earnings. Shipowner: How to save money and time with Marine Online

More Quotations, Lower Costs

As a Shipowner or Ship manager, you will need to purchase the Products/ Services for your Vessel(s). MOL provides the innovative e-commerce’s maritime solutions, and at the same time helps to safeguard the Products/ Services to be of good quality and reasonable costs. Whether it is providing Bunkering, Spare Parts, Port Agency, Crewing, Insurances or selling of second-hand Vessels, you will be able to send enquiry for it. MOL’s platform will auto matched the Suppliers which fulfilled the conditions, and at the stipulated time frame send the Quotations to you. You will be able to compare the Quotations based on the Price, Payment Terms, Supplier’s ratings etc and ultimately select the best Supplier. This helps to reduce operational costs and save money. To learn more about the questions on how the Shipowner uses the MOL’s platform, please access Help Centre.