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Partner with Marine Online in this shipping alliance!

How to get the best deals out of Marine Online’s Global Shipowner Alliance (GSA) – A Shipping Alliance Collaboration

Why do shipowners need Shipping Alliance? In today’s disrupted shipping economy, we noted that shipowners are faced with huge challenges on a daily basis, such as internal inefficiencies with cumbersome processes, unfamiliar ports and supplier reliability, lack of visibility on supplier performance and managing of the operation cost for the vessel and bunker fuel represent the majority, as it constitutes almost 50% of ships operating cost especially. There will be a direct and major impact on the shipowners and characters, especially to the smaller shipowners owning lesser than 10 vessels. This is because they do not have big bargaining power over bunker suppliers, considering that their vessels travel around and do not call for bunker at a fixed port or supplier. Marine Online recently launched the Bunker Group Buy that can be a direct solution to shipowners where they can enjoy better discounts through consolidating volume with other shipowners. Marine Online also hope to band together with a group of shipowners to lower their cost of ownership through volume consolidation. Interested shipowners and ship managers can visit for more details. Shipping Alliance benefits:
  • Savings – Consolidates purchase demands from GSA members and distribute to the few handpicked “Authorized Service Providers” (ASP) in each port to lower acquisition cost
  • Enjoy 0% commission with end-to-end Chartering Services
  • Large network – Consists of over 1,000 service providers, covering over 100 common ports, choosing the best suppliers for our GSA members
  • Marine Online Credits – A centralized credit facility between GSA Members and service provider to ensure shipowners in receiving the best service, while the service providers are guaranteed in receiving payment after fulfilling the orders. As a result, time and effort on the administrative work is reduced as members no longer need to apply credit term from service providers individually.
Ever since the launch of GSA (shipping alliance program), our Ship Supply division had served ship store and provision directly to our GSA Member in Singapore port. According to our members, the GSA pricing is ~10% cheaper than the lowest quoted supplier, leading to over S$30K savings to a single shipowner. Partner with Marine Online in this shipping alliance

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