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By Panama Maritime Authority in Ukraine


We would like to inform that the situation in Ukraine remains unstable. Several Ukrainian cities were under attack on Thursday due to illegal, insidious and treacherous actions of Russian Federation troopers. The reaction of the world community shows that there is significant support from government officials and the leadership of the United Nations.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, all ports of Ukraine are currently closed. However, ports of Mariupol, Kherson and Scadovsk suffered a lot of damages from missile strikes from Russian side. Please note that the situation in Ukraine remains unpredictable.

Some Russian Banks have been already sanctioned to receive/transfer transactions in US Dollars. We will monitor the current situation in Ukraine, receive information from our partners and clients from different cities and regions of Ukraine, especially from the point of view of the shipping industry.

However, AMP Auxiliary Registrar Office in collaboration with Black Sea Law Company still supports our clients from the safe place in Ukraine.

We pray for Ukrainian Army! Ukraine will win!

Yours sincerely,

Evgeniy Sukachev
Auxiliary Registrar
Panama Maritime Authority in Ukraine

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