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Singapore reaches 4 million in bunker volumes

According to data from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), marine fuel and bunker sales at the Singapore Port have increased by 8.2% on year during September 2020.

As compared to September last year, the sales of bunker fuel this year climbed up.

The bunker volumes at Singapore summed up at 4.2 million metric tonnes (mt) (exact: 4,217,600 my), which was more than 3.90 million mt (exact: 3,898,400 mt) in September last year.

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In the Southeast Asian bunkering hub, volumes rose by over 300,000 mt during this period, as reported by the MPA.

Low sulfur fuel oil 380 cst sales remained the highest for the year, at 2.29 million mt.

Whereas, high sulfur 380 cst sales summed up to 1m mt at 876,000 mt.

On the other hand, marine gasoil volumes summed up at 25,000 mt. This was the lowest figure seen this year with a significant decrease compared to the 108,500 mt sold in January.

Moreover, the Singapore port has a record of 3-month bunker sales of more than 12 mt, extending for another month. The port has encountered a 3-month sales reaching 12 mt, continuing for five months.

According to the calendar year, if Singapore keeps this up for the next three months, selling an average of 4 mt per month between October and December will manage to surpass last year’s sales volume of 45,155,600 tonnes. It will, on average, approximately reach up to around 48.5 million tonnes this year.

3,455 vessels have called for bunkers at the Singapore port in September – which increased from 3,403 calls in August and 3,394 calls in September 2019.

Likewise, the same situation has occurred in China – it has seen a rise in bunker sales during the first nine months of 2020.

Reuters reports an 18 percent in Zhoushan, during this period as compared to last year. China sold 3.26 mt of bonded marine fuel during the nine months.

Although it has plans to surpass the bunkering giant’s volume sales, the China port comes below Singapore.



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