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Singapore government endorses cloud fleet manager in move to promote digitisation

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Singapore government endorses cloud fleet manager in move to promote digitisation

Recognising the need for shipping companies to be future-proof, Singapore government extends grants to encourage business digitisation

Australian’s Telstra conducted a recent survey involving 120 business leaders across four continents. More than half of the respondents agreed COVID-19 changed their business processes. 93 per cent of the respondents indicated their accelerated adoption of cloud services were due to the pandemic; while 97 per cent of respondents from Europe and North Asia deemed cloud as the only option moving forward.

These findings resulted in the Singapore government’s launching of various initiatives and grants to help companies transform across industries. The grants will support shipowners of small- and medium-sized vessels to innovate and digitise their business, with emphasis on cloud. This technology enables companies to work remotely and collaborate without geographical limitations.

Grants for Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) adoption
Local shipowners, managers and agencies have recognised CFM as one of the leading and most efficient cloud-based technical ship management solutions. The Singapore government is offering funding of up to 80 per cent of the total project costs to local shipping companies that decide to use CFM.

Alexander Buchmann, managing director of Hanseaticsoft, which developed CFM said: “We are delighted that Cloud Fleet Manager has been recognised and endorsed by Singapore’s government. There are huge benefits that shipping companies can realise through digitisation and we look forward to working with and supporting companies this year.”

A recent study from members of Maritime Singapore revealed companies enjoy increased performance, enhanced focus on innovation and created more value with digitisation. To encourage enterprises to continue their transition and productivity upgrading efforts, the government will support financially and the maximum funding level is currently raised until 30 September 2021.


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