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Singapore in the transition to digitalisation


Helping the maritime industry transit to the digital future

Embracing technology is not new in maritime. Despite proven efficiency and cost-savings, many players remain hesitant in going digital. Singapore passed a new act last February allowing electronic bills, a vast paperwork cutback. Going by pages alone, a cross-border trade document can be hundreds of pages for a single transaction.

This new legislation supports Singapore’s efforts to expand digital adoption to cater to the evolving maritime industry. Senior Minister of State for Transport and Finance, Chee Hong Tat revealed in parliament that maritime technology start-ups are expecting to reach 100 by 2025. Other tools like predictive analytics also raise the operational efficiency of ports by preventing congestion and helping ships plot routes around low-pressure zones to save fuel.

The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) launched the digitalPORT@SG portal that streamlines vessel, immigration and port health clearance across multiple agencies. These procedures can be incorporated into a single application. Shipmasters and agents can submit, track, and receive approval for arriving and departing ships via the portal, enabling savings up to 100,000 man-hours.

One-stop web + app integrated platform
Singapore-based Marine Online has a platform directly connected to the world’s biggest ship registry (Panama). Both shipowners and operators also can access a wide array of maritime services through the portal. Applications such as crew endorsements, certification, and immigration clearance can all be executed through this gateway.

Numerous shipowners have since filed various crew endorsement applications through Marine Online’s platform and received direct approval from the Panama Embassy in Singapore. This is an effective alternative that eliminates the time-consuming and cumbersome trips for document submissions.

While MPA strives to expand its offerings in digitalPORT@SG such as marketplace, single shop front to offer a range of marine services, Marine Online has since transacted with many shipowners with confidence through its platform. From crew endorsements to marine services, shipowners can also receive assistance from Marine Online’s extensive network of global authorised service providers for their international waters vessels.





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