Marine Suppliers: Setup Store And Display Products And Services For Free

MOL provides the Marine Suppliers with a free display on the Company information, displaying the hot selling Products and Services on their Stores on MOL’s platform. You will be able to register for free, become a verified Supplier and setup a free Store to input your company’s information and add your hot selling Products/ Services into the worldwide biggest maritime Suppliers’ databases to accept the Shipowners’ enquiries, requests and ultimately be awarded the orders.

To learn more about how to register and setup Store to display the Products/ Services on the MOL’s platform, please access Help Centre.

Singapore Marine Suppliers

No Transaction, No Fee

To allow you to receive more orders, MOL had designed two types of transaction models:

1st Model: Shopping Cart

We recommend you to publish as many as possible of your company’s hot selling Products/ Services into the Store. For example, publish every Product/ Service with the details information and photos, in this case, when the Shipowners are searching for the required Products/ Services, they will have more chances to find your Products/ Services and add into the Shopping Cart or to send enquiry to you. You will need to confirm the orders timely on the final price and logistics information in order to be awarded the order.

2nd Model: Request For Quotation (RFQ)

Based on the Maritime’s industry transactions habits, most of the Shipowners prefer to send an enquiry to get the Quotations for the Products/ Services. MOL’s platform will auto send the Shipowners’ RFQs to the qualified Suppliers for the Quotations. We encourage you to send the Quotations promptly based on the Shipowners’ requirements with competitive prices, reasonable payment terms, and Products/ Services details in order to win the order among the multiple Quotations from other Suppliers.

MOL practices the principle of “No Transaction, No Fee”. When your order has not been transacted on MOL, we will not collect any fee from you. Only when you had been appointed by the Shipowner as the Supplier for an order transacted successfully at MOL’s platform, we will collect the Platform Service fee from you based on the total transaction amount. For more information about the Platform Service Fee, please click here.

To learn more about the questions on how the Supplier uses the MOL’s platform, please access Help Centre.