With the plunge of market demand in raw material and production goods, most end-user planned their inventory based on just in time (JIT) and leads to most logistic and transportation on spot mode, with cargo purchase only happen when the stock is at a crucial level, transport booking only happen when cargo is needed, causing unbalance of supply and demand for all sectors (raw material, production, distribution, transportation, and consumption) and creating a highly competitive environment in cost-effectiveness.
The raw material producer will cut down their production level, and also cut down on operation in terms of man-power, and try to replace it with automated machinery.
The factory will also cut down their production and some replace man-power with AI automated machines to cut costs.
Shipping and logistic company will cut all excess costs with joint ventures to combine workforce or operate on-line (lay off excess worker), in order to provide competitive rates to customers by lowering operational cost.
Customers and service providers keep in touch at all times to meet swift and efficient demand, replacing phone calls or meetings with internet communication methods, as the world marched into a new AI era. Only those with clear vision would notice the change and take advantage of it instead of being obsolete and left behind.
Be ready for the change as the industry braced towards it.