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Teespot seeks to enhance port efficiency and operations through digitalisation

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PD Ports to collaborate with Port of Rotterdam to enhance port efficiency and greater data exchange between Europe and the UK

A Port Community System (PCS) will be implemented utilising technology used by Port of Rotterdam under a first-phase partnership between PD Ports and Port of Rotterdam International. This system aims to enhance port efficiency and data exchange between the two ports.

Digitising to enhance efficiency
Jan-Willem Rikkerink, IT director of PD Ports noted, “We didn’t have a digital platform that would be useful for our port users, so we went out into the marketplace looking at what the options were.” He added a key part of digital strategy is to use the best of breed systems. Port of Rotterdam’s platform was eventually selected after a comprehensive market analysis. Rikkerink stressed this is part of a multi-phase project, and PD Ports is implementing some of the fundamental building blocks.

Rene van der Plas, director of Port of Rotterdam International, expressed optimism on the partnership due to the existing strong ties between the UK and the Netherlands. The UK is one of the most important trade partners in Europe – with approximately 40 million tonnes of cargo arriving from Rotterdam annually.

Van der Plas added it makes sense to try and optimise the supply chains and the transportation between the two ports. “That’s where digitalisation is very important, because by making things digital you will enhance efficiency, transparency and you can blend things better,” he remarked.

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