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Transaction Support Services

To enable both Buyers and Suppliers to transact securely and given a trusted environment, Marine Online (MOL) had provided the platform three core systems namely, (1) Payment and Guarantee System, (2) Review and Rating System and (3) Logistics Support System:

Payment and Guarantee System

MOL provides payment and guarantee systems to help contain risks and allow both buyers and suppliers a peace of mind when conducting any transactions in the platform.

The system acts similarly to a guarantor. Upon accepting the order by the buyer, the platform will hold the order amount in MOL Guarantee Account and release payment to the supplier after order fulfillment and buyer confirmation.

Review and Rating System

The review and rating system is to assist buyers in gaining confidence when shortlisting new suppliers and buying decision. At the same time, encourage suppliers to provide the best quality and services in the platform.

Upon completion of each transaction, the buyer may start to provide their review and rating to the supplier — these ratings comprise of (1) Price, (2) Quality and (3) Service, while free text comments help audiences relate better with words.

In addition to create good branding, the review and ratings will contribute to MOL evaluation for future financing program.

Logistics Support System

In order to support the high volumes of direct transactions between the Shipowners and Suppliers, and minimizing unwanted middlemen interventions, MOL is partnering with the renowned Third Party Logistics companies worldwide to provide professional warehousing storages, logistics delivery, custom clearances, delivery on board and many other full flexed services to complete your maritime transactions.