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Wartsila Norway joins forces with Grieg Star to build the world’s first green ammonia tanker

green ammonia tanker

MS Green Ammonia is to be launched in 2024, distributing green ammonia from Berlevag to various locations and end-users along the Norwegian coast.

The project receives NOK46.3m (5.4m) of Norwegian government’s funding scheme Pilot-E. The mammoth project demonstrates the nation’s maritime industry steadfastly in line with the goal of developing emission-free solutions that will facilitate voluminous exports. Iselin Nybo, Minister of Trade and Industry, said in a release that it is another great illustration of how Norway creates new green industry and growth.

The project has also inaugurated letters of intent with several industry heavyweights. Vidar Lunberg, chief business development officer in Grieg Star noted a strong interest from ferry owners, offshore supply ships, fishing vessels, and from energy-producing companies. He adds traction of this scale underscores a strong present market.

A notable group of potential clients are owners of LNG operated ships. It is anticipated some clients might combine ammonia in their LNG fuel or retrofit their vessels to use only ammonia.

Lundberg stressed, “Norway, with its high number of vessels using LNG or alternative fuels, with high volumes of green energy, and the cheapest electrical power in Europe, is probably the perfect arena for the world’s first market for green ammonia.”

Cato Espero, head of sales Wartsila Norway remarked, “We are in the midst of a transition to low carbon shipping, and the long traditions we have in Norway for cross-industry corporation is vital for a successful implementation of a new green value chain. Through fruitful collaboration Wartsila has earlier been part of the implementation of LNG and hybrid systems, and fuel cells, and are excited to contribute to this important demonstration project of green ammonia together with a forward-leaning shipowner as Grieg Edge and the other collaborating partners.”



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