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Why should shipping companies choose Marine Online?

shipping companies Singapore’s maritime B2B platform Marine Online offers a plethora of services for shipping companies. By integrating digital technology, big data and artificial intelligence into the maritime industry, Marine Online is able to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and these savings will in turn be passed on to the consumer. Marine Online offers 7 different services, namely chartering, port agency, bunkering, marine supply, crewing, ships for sale, and marine services. Marine Online offers chartering for ship owners on its online platform, with a 0% commission rate. With the ease of using a smartphone application, ship owners will be able to enter their vessel information in order to quickly source suitable cargo. Upon reaching an agreement, all processes will be handled by Marine Online, saving ship owners from paying a commission to brokers. With a flat fee of US$198 for Cash to Master services regardless of the amount of cash to be exchanged, Marine Online’s offerings are tailored towards helping shipping companies save money, especially when exchanging large sums. This is unlike other providers, who charge a percentage of the cash to be exchanged. Shipping companies will be provided with significant savings by utilising Marine Online’s bunkering services, as a result of extensive partnerships with more than 100 bunker partners all around the world, covering more than 500 ports. Marine Online also provides live bunker prices and quotations for ship owners, thus allowing them to check real-time oil prices at various ports and to choose the most suitable option for them. Providing more than 100,000 types of spare parts, stores, provisions and lubricant oil, Marine Online’s eCommerce platform sells ship supplies at competitive prices in order for shipping companies to reap greater benefits and savings. Marine Online’s job portal for seafarers, Crewing Online, looks to connect jobseekers with employers through an innovative matching system. Shipping companies will be able to hire from a pool of 1.5 million prospective employees from all around the world. With data on more than 200,000 ships, Marine Online’s platform allows for low-cost quick transactions of second-hand vessels, as well as incorporating new shipbuilding services from shipyards around the world. Marine Online also provides emergency maritime rescue services for shipping companies in need, including oil spill handling, tugboats, underwater inspections as well as helicopters from more than 500 ports globally. In addition, conventional maritime services such as bunker survey and certificate renewal are provided as well. For more information on the services Marine Online provides, you can visit

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